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Miele’s S7580 Bolero upright vacuum is perhaps one of the most futuristic looking designs in the company’s extensive catalog. This upright vacuum comes in a very deep, clean black with a rounded casing shape and silver highlights that enhance the overall appearance of the vacuum cleaner. Of course looks aren’t everything and functionality is much more important, but in this case appearance helps the vacuum cleaner stand out in the crowd.

Miele has packaged the Bolero upright vacuum with a seven year warranty that covers the motor and a one year warranty on parts. This is an excellent benefit, and also a testament to Miele’s sturdy German product design. The unit offers a 58 foot cleaning radius that is made even more convenient by the vacuum’s swivel neck feature. Additional features include an automatic height adjustment, safety off function and built in LED lighting.

One of the characteristics that makes Miele’s S7 line so desirable is the power versus sound ratio. Each vacuum, including the Bolero upright, is designed for optimum power and suction with minimal sound. Consumers can use their Miele vacuums almost any time of day or even in the evening without causing a disturbance throughout the entire home. A quiet vacuum is also a big plus when living in a town home or apartment complex.

What did customers who bought Miele’s S7580 Bolero upright vacuum like?

  • The quiet operation makes the S7580 Bolero upright a stress free choice for many families.
  • Powerful suction that made the vacuum capable of handling almost any household job.
  • The long life span offered by many Miele products, especially the Bolero upright vacuum.
  • Floor toggle settings that allow the consumer to conveniently switch from various carpeting heights, rugs and other flooring.
  • Very sleek, attractive design that gives this upright vacuum a unique appeal in an original, deep black hue consumers love.

What did Miele’s S7580 Bolero upright vacuum customers dislike?

  • Some consumers felt that the Bolero upright vacuum does not feel as sturdy and solid as other similar high end vacuums.
  • During operation, some consumers complained that the Bolero upright’s power cord became warm to the touch, indicating that the vacuum may be pushing it a little harder than it should be.
  • Long, shag carpeting may be a bit of a concern because in some cases, the Bolero pulled small fibers and pieces out of carpeting.
  • Warm air is felt from the vacuum’s exhaust which can be a bit uncomfortable when vacuuming during the warmer seasons.
    Miele S7580 Bolero Upright Vacuum4.25admin2011-01-10 12:00:37 Miele’s S7580 Bolero upright vacuum is perhaps one of the most futuristic looking designs in the company’s extensive catalog. This upright vacuu…

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